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The Blue and White team from Perú launched a groundbreaking and creative campaign to present its women’s team. 

The competition for more and better spaces on media outlets involving women sports it’s an everyday struggle. That’s why the Marketing Department of Alianza Lima, one of Peruvian’s most important clubs, launched this campaign.

Using the rhymes and verses of Gilow, a local female rapper, the piece presents the female squad, empowering their players for the next season. The lyrics are catchy and hold a powerful message for young women who wants to play football.

“It is the first time that Alianza gives such importance to women’s football within its organization. That is why we are planning more promotion actions to strengthen what we have and, at the same time, take this product to another scale. Social networks are going to help us to achieve our goal of becoming profitable and sustainable over time, “said Sisy Quiroz, head of Women’s Football at the Blue and White entity.

The video managed to exceed by far the expectations placed on it: the women’s team’s Facebook account managed to attract 5,000 new fans, while the Instagram profile reached 2,700 followers within hours of being opened.

“So far, we have reached 90,000 people, showing the interest of the team community to know more about the girls. At the moment, we are present in these two social networks; however, we are aiming to have also a presence on Twitter and, perhaps, Tik Tok, ”added Drago Kolich, Head of Marketing for the Youth Men’s and Women’s Football Divisions.

“Football’s been my passion since I was really young
Playing in the court – this is what identifies me
Even though most people don’t think this is normal
I’m a woman who loves football
What’s the problem with that?

Female football players, lift up that ball
Score that goal with just one’s heart

My rhythm’s on the pitch, always full of certainty
Supported by all the fans

Both passion and feelings for Alianza’s colours
Keep me motivated and bring me more confidence

In the streets or the in the stands, I sing praise for The People’s Team
The team that gives hope to everyone

My name’s Gilow and I’m here to leave a message
So pay attention to all of my rhymes

Blue is the passion – there’s always courage in the pitch
A lesson should be taught to anyone that tries to overtake us
To anyone that tries to overtake us

Gilow, baby – victory and glory

I’m a woman who loves football

What’s the problem with that?




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